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Introduce an Investor

Do you know someone who may be interested in getting involved with investments?                                              Become part of the "Introduce an Investor” program!

The FTG Markets "introduce an investor" program is designed to reward individuals who introduce valuable investment referrals. It provides a lucrative business opportunity that will allow members to earn life-changing rewards for introducing investors.

Eligible individuals and entities (with or without FTG Markets accounts) can receive flat fee profits or transaction-based profits by referring eligible clients to FTG Markets.

A Referrer is an individual or a company that recommends ‘FTG’ to friends, acquaintances or business contacts in return for a profit. Referrers are not employees or agents of ‘FTG’ but may recommend our services in connection with the referrer’s primary employment or business. For example, some referrers are companies or experts who provide training and coaching, trading information, systems, tools and professional services to traders and investors who have concluded that ‘FTG’ is the best solution for investors. Referrers are not financial advisors or brokers and do not provide direct buying or selling advice for particular investments.

Did You Know?

Referrers from over 25+ countries participate in our “Introduce an Investor” program!


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