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We at FTG make sure our partners get the best terms, services, and offers that would ensure a leading margin from the global competition at any time. FTG strives to be unique, diverse and cutting edge when it comes to technology, client benefits, active services, and professionalism. We would like to invite you to join our path and build success together! Interested? Want to hear more? Leave your details below so we could reach out and provide you any information you may need.


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FTG Markets offers a premium service affiliate program to its chosen partners. With a broad marketing experience, we are set to provide you with the most comprehensive package of engaging media and a see-through platform with a dedicated account manager to help you out if the going gets tough.

When you chose to join our affiliate program we offer true collaboration providing you with tailor-made, ultra-converting marketing materials which include but are not limited to: Banners, Landing pages, Email templates, promotional codes, and videos. Everything comes ready for easy and convenient tracking of your marketing efforts. You will also receive full access to the partners' Internal Members Area, which provides advanced statistics of your performance.

We have plenty of experience taking care of our affiliates. We pay on time, we don’t dodge the bullet when something goes wrong and we never keep our partners waiting for more than a few hours.

Join our leading program today and stop running after trick brokers with shady practices and less than honest compensation modules.