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Ultimate trading

Web-based platform, User-friendly, intuitive, fast and powerful

Trade anywhere, anytime from any Internet browser with no downloads required. All the tools, analytics and more that you need to trade like a professional. It’s fast, efficient and provides an outstanding user experience.

Trade on Popular Assets with Low Spreads

With FTGMarkets, you can enjoy a wide asset range of all kinds. Enjoy a seamless trading experience while benefiting from
low spreads that help you maximize your trading. Take a look at some of our most popular assets we offer.

Trade with a personal and professional account manager

A trading assistant by your side, every step of the way

Your personal account manager can provide 1-on-1 training and assistance to help you
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There are always lucrative opportunities with FTGmarkets

  • Forex Pairs
    The FX (foreign exchange) market is the biggest and most liquid market in the world, where you can trade the strength
    of one currency against another.
  • Commodities
    are the lifeblood of global economies.Capitalize on the price movements of popular commodities such as oil, silver,
    gold and many others.
  • Stocks & ETFs
    Trade stock CFDs of popular stocks like eBay, Apple, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and hundreds more.
  • Indices
    access over 50 index CFDs. Indices are a bundle of selected stocks that represent a measurement of a section of the stock market.
  • Cryptocurrencies
    This is one of the most exciting asset classes to trade which includes the ever-popular Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and more.

Trading Academy

Want to learn how to trade, or how to take your trading skills to the next level? From complete beginner to professional,
we offer a variety of resources to help you be the best trader you can be.

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    to trading and investing
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